Have Our Roasted Coffee Delivered to Your Doorstep Every Month

LaJava Roasting House


Each month the recipient will receive 2 12oz bags of coffee shipped to them. The subscription will be for a medium roast, dark roast, or flavored coffees. You will have the option to choose between ground beans and whole beans.

To become a subscriber:

  • 1 Select the type of roast you would like below.
  • 2 Choose the options for the roast which will include if it's going to be ground beans or whole beans along with if this is going to be a gift for another.
  • 3 You will need to register to the site next to make sure you are able to manage your subscription at any time and will prompt you along the way through checkout or feel free to register before you purchase.
  • 4 From there you will start receiving your 2 12 oz bags of coffee per month and can cancel anytime through the account page.